Paranoid much?

With the BBC today publishing an article on the rise of Identity theft due to the amount of data people publish on social media, I’ve just gone and added a new page called info-x because I needed somewhere to put down some notes on how to do things, knowing fine well that my capacity for remembering everything can only be stretched so far.

Now, reflecting on the increase in identity theft and its relation to open-source intelligence gathering, you could well assume that since I’ve scribed an article on how to use a feature of Office365, then perhaps I am using Office365 myself.  Does this make me more vulnerable?

Do potential attackers now know that I may be an Office365 user and can target an attack using an unknown vulnerability in Office365? Who knows.

Therefore, I can neither confirm nor deny that I am using Office365.


All I will say it that there wasn’t a lot of useful information on the Technet forums.  2012 publication dates don’t really cut it for a product with a profile as big as Office.

So if you can’t find out how something works, endeavour to work it out and share it!


*I may be more vulnerable after this post, but then we are all vulnerable.

Nothing is totally secure, it just takes longer to break in.

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