Hiding in Plain Sight

On the eve of bSides Belfast 2018, one starts to tidy up the estate.  Except in this case, I’ve got too much crud all over the place, so no point in making critical infrastructure changes now anyway.  Nobody will notice!

Just like that picture of the lake up above.  Buttermere in Cumbria.  Walk around the shore, stare into the crystal clear waters and at a certain point, look really carefully and you’ll see a submerged submarine telecoms cable disappearing into water.  It runs across the lake bed and lifts out the other side and rises up over the Wainwright hills and mountains to the valleys on the other side.  Telecoms, they didn’t lay that in a day.

No-one notices, its just there.  Data, Voice, packets, bits and bytes, all in plain sight.  See if you can find your hidden infrastructure. It’s hiding in plain sight.

Further reading, if you fancy a dander:




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