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How to create an alternative email address or email alias for your primary email account in Office365 Business Essentials (2016)

Sign in to your Office365 account.

Go the Office365 Admin Center page.

On the left hand side toolbar select the Admin centers option at the bottom and choose Exchange

You are now in the Exchange Admin Centre

Select recipients > mailboxes

Select required User under Display Name

Double click the user name to edit

In the new pop up window select email address on the left

Then click the + symbol to add an alias email address

You can add many types of email type, in this case use SMTP unless you are familiar with the other types and know what you require

Enter your desired email address in the *Email address field

If you select the Make this the Reply address checkbox, this email alias will become the default reply to address for your account

You can add, change, or delete an email address associated with the user. The user’s primary email address is displayed in bold type, but they’ll received email sent to any address in this list.